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STAR Campus -webinaari konekääntämisestä ja Transit NXT:stä on katsottavissa ilmaiseksi STAR Groupin youtube-kanavalta. Saat vinkkejä ja työkaluja Transit NXT:n käyttöön ja konekääntämiseen.

Tips and tricks for projects in Transit NXT with Machine Translation

The clever combination of Translation Memory and Machine Translation (MT) complements the linguistic know-how of translators and reviewers to the machine performance of MT systems.

With Transit’s extensive translation and quality control functions, users benefit from the best of both worlds: They can use their knowledge and experience for additional projects as well as the quality of validated Translation Memory with the efficiency of a MT system.

In this Webinar, you will learn how you can use the proven Transit functions to complete Machine Translation projects without the initial hurdles.


To start, we will provide a quick overview of the MT system STAR MT and learn what “engines” are.

You will then see how easily project managers can integrate MT into their translation projects and make it available to the translators.

In conclusion, we will show how Transit combines fuzzy matches and MT suggestions and what you need to know as a translator or reviewer for MT projects.

Target audience

For Transit users without previous knowledge of MT

This Webinar is aimed at anyone who already knows how to use the Transit Editor, but does not have experience with machine translation.

If you are a translator and you receive projects with MT suggestions, this Webinar is for you.

For project managers and reviewers without previous knowledge of Transit

Other target audiences are those who want to experience the efficiency of MT when combined with a proven Editor.

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