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STAR MT konekääntäminen star finnland

Konekääntämisestä on tullut tärkeä osa ammattikäännöksiä viime vuosien aikana. STAR MT kääntää luotettavasti ja nopeasti sinun tarpeittesi mukaisesti. Katso lisää!

Machine translation (MT) has become an important part of professional translation and localization in recent years.

Why? For one, the demand for translation is growing so fast – with global markets, international project teams, worldwide support, multilingual communication channels, to name just a few – that human translation alone can no longer keep up. Secondly, for internal documents, a rough translation is often sufficient to assess the general meaning of foreign-language content, and this is often needed right away.

STAR MT puts an additional translation resource at your fingertips, with your own systems and protection from non-transparent online providers.

STAR MT Konekäännös, konekääntäminen